Lawsuit regarding late payments at the FAA

On March 22, 2023, the law firms James & Hoffman and Bernstein & Lipsett filed Taddeo v. United States, a lawsuit in the United States Court of Federal Claims on behalf of an FAA employee who was denied timely payment of wages, including overtime pay. The complaint is here. The complaint alleges that the FAA violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to ensure timely payments of wages and seeks liquidated damages on behalf of affected employees.

The law firms are pursuing this case on a contingency basis, meaning that the firms will not collect any fees from the plaintiffs if the claim does not prevail.

If you are an FAA employee who has been affected by untimely wage payments during the past three years, and you are interested in pursuing legal action, you may fill out the retainer agreement and consent form here and submit it via email to

For more information about the case, contact lead counsel Daniel Rosenthal at

Lawsuit regarding overtime pay at the VA

As discussed on our Pay & Overtime page, federal government employees are sometimes denied overtime pay to which they are entitled under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other laws.

Two law firms, James & Hoffman and Bernstein & Lipsett, are pursuing a lawsuit under the FLSA for employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Diagnostic Radiological Technologist job series (0647). These employees were classified as “exempt” and thus not paid time-and-one-half overtime pay. Instead, they were paid a lesser amount of overtime pay.

If you are an employee at the VA in this job series and are classified as “exempt,” you may be able to participate in the case. You can request more information by contacting the following email address: